Pet Nutrition Made Simple for Holistic Pet Health

Over the company’s nearly three-decade history, Regal has helped make thousands of dogs and cats healthy by focusing on the entire nutritional equation: protein + fat + fiber + carbohydrates = 100%. Each part serves a valuable purpose in holistically making pets the healthiest they can possibly be.

Healthy Skin & Coat Regal

Our omega-3 fatty acids come from high quality sources such as fish oils and flax seed to add luster to your pet’s fur. These ingredients also have a healing, anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. The nutritional integrity of these important nutrients is protected from light and air by high oxygen barrier packaging. Omega-3 fatty acids are balanced with omega-6 fatty acids for optimal performance.

Lean Muscle Development Regal

Our highly digestible and wholesome sources of protein from meats like turkey, salmon, chicken, lamb and eggs are critical in supplying the essential amino acids needed for lean muscle regeneration.

Energy & Stamina Regal

Wholesome sources of fats preserved naturally are very critical in holistic dog and cat health. They provide an efficient and direct source of energy and stamina. Healthful grains like oats and barley supply sustainable energy.

Mobility Health Regal

Nearly all our formulas contain two joint health ingredients: glucosamine and the New Zealand Green-lipped Sea Mussel. The New Zealand Green-lipped Mussel is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Gastrointestinal and Immune Health Regal

The immune system begins in the GI tract making stomach and intestinal health critical for holistic pet health. Recognizing this, we formulate our foods with super probiotics and use sources of fiber with pre- and pro-biotic characteristics that synergistically work together to feed good bacteria in the stomach and intestines. Using the correct level and combinations of fiber also keeps food moving through the GI tract at more healthful rate, leading to solid and consistent stools.